AnotherClip is a data distribution organisation and as a corporate group specialises in the following:

Management at corporate level, crisis management, government advisory, government planning structure, communication and financial strategy, distance planning, time and historical planning, data analysis, forward thinking, anticipation, architecture landscape, simulation, military and security oversight, international compliance and connectivity, time-warp extrapolation, dark matter analysis and figuration.

Mission Statement

We study the data.

We create the data.

We produce the data.

We program the data.

We calculate the data.

We sell the data.

We analyze the data.

We inform the data.


BBC, ITV, BT, Endemol, ITN, Sky, Lord Stevenson, Lord Grade, Greg Dyke, UK Daily Telegraph, UK Mirror Group, U.S. EdgeImageBank, AC Info systems, Cable & Wireless Communications.

Outlets and Membership


24-7, 7 digital, Amazon Music, Anghami, Apple iTunes, AWA, Boomplay, Deezer, Facebook, Hungama, iHeartRadio, iMusica, InProdicon, KDigital, KKBox, Kuack, Line Music, MediaNet, Napster, NetEase Cloud Music, Pandora, Qobuz, Resso, Saavn, Shazam, Slacker Radio, Spotify, Synchtank, Tencent Music Entertainment (TME), Tidal, TikTok, TouchTunes & PlayNetwork, United Media Agency (UMA), DailyMotion official partner, Yandex, YouTube CMS Publishing, YouTube Content ID, YouTube Music.

Partner Artist IDs: Apple Music / iTunes, Spotify, VEVO.

Films and TV: Apple TV, iTunes movies, Google Play, Amazon, IMDb TV.

Physical stores

FNAC (France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal), Barnes & Noble (USA), Waterstones (UK), Hugendubel (Germany), Payot (Switzerland), La Feltrinelli (Italy).

Theatrical distribution

AnotherClip partners: IVA. Haddon Heights, NJ, U.S., GEM Entertainment USA, Screenplay, Inc. Bitmax Los Angeles, Seattle, WA, U.S., Universal.

Memberships and registrations

The Harry Fox agency (USA), ASCAP (USA), RIAA (USA), MLC (USA), PRS (UK), VPL (UK), MCPS (UK), PPL (UK), SACEM (France), Gs1 (UK). Gs1 (USA), Bowker (USA), Nielsen (UK), Nielsen Soundscan (USA).

Corporations affiliated and registered in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.


AnotherClip and associated companies were founded in 1992.

Structure is an agency providing consultancy, managing and distributing data. is a data distribution company based in Delaware, USA. is a data distribution agency managing and releasing news, music, films, videos, games and books for the whole world. is a consultancy company managing and distributing data in the fields of Science and Technology, Education, Art, government and military. manages and distributes the data for the film and media funds: Alt Films Fund and Swiss Scot Films and Media Investors launched in 2016 in Delaware, with the aim of developing new up and coming creators and ideas to produce 21st century gems. manages and distributes the data for the U.S. entertainment agency GEM Entertainment USA, LLC. GEM Entertainment USA, LLC is a management and artist agency based in Delaware, New York and Los Angeles. manages and distributes the data for EdgeImageBank (UK) and EdgeImageBank (U.S.) LLC, Global Films (UK), Global Films (U.S.) and Mnemonics studios (UK) creations. manages and distributes Mnemonics Music America (U.S.) and Mnemonics Music (UK). manages and distributes The Edge Press (UK) and DiaryUnlimited LLC (U.S.), both publishers of books, specializing in screenplays for films, Science and education and music content. is registered in the U.S.