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Issue 664

Music Album:

BTSa Between Time and Space by the artists: Virtual Alien and Old Nick.

The front cover is part of a series of 140 images where the artist is miming and signing, all taken from the feature film:

Fuck Them All! The Story of Heaven and Hell. The Making of a Ballet


Part 1: 80 minutes

Part 2: 60 minutes

Part 3: 120 minutes


A Ballet with a social context: "Two outlaws discover that they have been played and the only way to survive it is to rise above it all and dance."

Written and directed

Nick Peterson


Tom Norwood, Alex Altman, James Hogan, Janet Priest

Edited by

Thomas Black, Nick Peterson

Actors and characters

Old Nick ... Heaven

John Waterhouse ... Hell

Janet Priest ... Ballet dancer

Jane D'Arbanville ... Ballet dancer

Eliska Bouzkova ... Ballet dancer

Sophie Fournier ... Ballet dancer

Jack Parry ... Ballet dancer

Bruno Aversa ... Ballet dancer

Stephen Quildan ... Ballet dancer

Margaret Mccray ... Ballet dancer

Juan Rodrigues ... Ballet dancer

Ruth Essel ... Ballet dancer

Izzy Passey ... Ballet dancer

Karnal Singh ... Ballet dancer


Tom Norwood, James Hogan, Nicolas Gaud, Alex Altman, Janet Priest, Nicolas Mamin


Joe Joseph


Thomas Black


Virtual Alien and Old Nick


EdgeImageBank Pictures, London


Bitmax, Los Angeles

BTaS Between Time and Space: ALBUM LIST

UPC 815651025049

Music Album


Virtual Alien and Old Nick


Mnemonics Music America / Rumblefish

Between Time and Space album cover

Track List

  1. 1. Overture: Swan Lake
  2. 2. Believe (Bach (Bach Prelude in C)
  3. 3. Have I Stayed Too Long at the Same Place?
  4. 4. Thundering Typhoons
  5. 5. Mouth Dance
  6. 6. No Man's Land
  7. 7. I Remember You
  8. 8. Drizzle
  9. 9. Speed of Light (Instrumental)
  10. 10. A Bed Time Story (Heaven)
  11. 11. Water in and out 2
  12. 12. Rule Britannia 10
  13. 13. Mad Dreams (My Dreams)
  14. 14. Writing on the Wall (Henry Purcell)
  15. 15. Baa Baa Black Sheep
  16. 16. Apotheosis: The Final (Swan Lake)

All lyrics and music by Nick Peterson except 1 and 16 music by: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, 2 music by: Johann Sebastian Bach, 4 music with: Giuseppe Verdi, 6-7 music by: Markus Ineichen and 10 music co-composed by Markus Ineichen, 14 music by Henry Purcell.


Between Time and Space Project

Phase 1

One album, 10 singles being released every day of 2022 -except in July and August-. Each song from the album, and each single available in a video clib available on Youtube Music.

Phase 2

Clips promoting the film and the film divided in 12 clicks made available throughout the year on With the project rating having received over 8M views in 2 months.

Phase 3

Each of the 140 images mining and signing retweeted throughout 2022, in two months having already created half a million moments, likes and retweets, from the AnotherClip Twitter account.

Phase 4

A book featuring all the 140 images with the meaning of the signs will be released in September 2022, worldwide.

Phase 5

A further 200 images from the film, also featuring all the dancers will be released on Twitter, from AnotherClip account.

Phase 6

All pictures have been tagged.

Phase 7

1602 meta tags have been created on 9 websites to drive web traffic to the project on various sites.

Phase 8

There will be no old media, TV press and P.R. marketing.

Phase 9

The film was initially intended for theatrical release in the UK but it does seem that the market is too small, overcrowded and too expesive for a prestige that has lost its sell by date. Unlike the cinemas of the 21st century, live events are important and crucial but difficult given the current health issues. This is our strategy and is not the same for all organisations.


BTsA, VA, Old Nick, Virtual Alien, clip, ballet, heaven, hell, outcast, drifter, dance, communication, freedom, fck, society, Manchester England, council estate, London, living in London, long, time, space, adaptation, universe, logic, space, behavior, comprehension


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