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Project DM: Dark Matter

Feature film documentary, album and book.


UPC: 815651022673

Year: 2022

Duration: 140 minutes

Origin: UK

Language: English

Subtitles: English, French, German, Italian, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (2), Hungarian, Korean and Latin.

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Dark matter shapes up over 80% of the universe and is pure energy. This is the part of the universe that can't be seen and it appears all black and cannot be scanned with conventional instruments. Dark matter is anti-matter, the opposite of what humans can see on Earth and comprehend as being normal and defies the laws of quantum physics.


The story about "dark matter" draws an analogy with other earthling creatures, the oldest ones like trees and jellyfishes (some species can live for thousands of years) both have been alleged to have a memory and some species of jellyfishes have a high level of intelligence. Jellyfishes can become invisible and undetectable, just like "dark matter" and often the same instruments are needed to locate " dark matter" are used in the purpose of piercing through this invisibility.

Subject Matter

The subject of "dark matter" is an extreme one as it deals with all the extremes and defines conventional logic and rational behavior. To further demonstrate this point , the whole story is introduced by a "mad" British scientist or appears to be this way, arguing about "dark matter" by contrasting his defense in introducing the history of extremism in Britain, extremism of all kinds.


Tom Norwood, James Hogan, Nicolas Gaud, Alex Altman, Janet Priest, Nicolas Mamin

Setting by

The story is set in a near future, during a serious of lectures a scientist analyses the various lock downs imposed on Britain - rightly or wrongly imposed- its extreme consequences and a situation that defies logic and therefore is defined as dark matter: a yet unknown quantity.

Actors and Characters

Old Nick ... Dr Kelvin: A Chief Medical Advisor code-named Gone with the Wind

John Waterhouse ... DM 1

Janet Priest ... DM 2

Alex Hall ... DM 3: a light seeker

Vincent X. Hall ... DM 4: a light seeker

Tony Hendon ... DM 5: a white left wing supremacist, turned right-wing supremacist

... DM 7: an Islamist terrorist

James Hogan ... DM 8: James, cancer patient


Written and Directed by Nick Peterson

Produced by Tom Norwood

Produced by James Hogan

Produced by Alex Altman

Produced by David Altman

Produced by Christine Peterson

Edited by Thomas Black

Animation Aloysha Black

Music by Virtual Alien and Old Nick



Music Album


Virtual Alien and Old Nick


Mnemonics Music America / Rumblefish

DM: Dark Matter album cover

Track List. UPC 815651020419.

  1. 1. Six
  2. 2. The Way You Make Me Feel
  3. 3. Well Red
  4. 4. The Inside Story
  5. 5. Est (Nietzsche's Gay Science)
  6. 6. Do Not Disturb (I Pop 'til You Can't Pop) [Pop Remix]
  7. 7. Rule Britannia 10: The Cold Song
  8. 8. Searching for Speed
  9. 9. The Light
  10. 10. Loudmouth (Version 1)
  11. 11. Loudmouth (Version 2)
  12. 12. Yesterday's Shadow
  13. 13. DM 1: This Is Dark Matter
  14. 14. DM 3

All lyrics and music by Nick Peterson except 3 and 4 music by: Markus Ineichen, 7 music by Henry Purcell.


Exhibit 1 Prologue: this is Dark Matter

Exhibit 2 Life. Life

Exhibit 3 Intelligence. Trees

Exhibit 4 Survival. Octopus. Jellyfish

Exhibit 5 Departure

Exhibit 6 Transition

Exhibit 7 Transmission

Exhibit 8 The Negative Dimension

Exhibit 9 The Mind. Intelligence

Exhibit 10 Epilogue. We'll meet again!

Quotes Narrated by Old Nick as a Dr Kelvin, a Chief Medical Advisor code-named Gone with the Wind.

It has been assumed since the dawn of mankind that the "mind" and "spirit" travels there as soon as the body becomes mortal, fuelling the possibility that a completely different universe exists within completely undefinable parameters


Different people go through different situations in order to reach Dark Matter, some through cancer but once they have accepted this, it's easy: we're all going to die at some point -as they say-. Terrorists are keen to leave this world very quickly as life for them is hell and Dark Matter is Heaven


Trees are the key to understanding life on Earth. Trees are some of the oldest creatures on this planet with a brain and intelligence able to protect them and bring to the animal kingdom the oxygen they need. Some of them can live to a thousand of years. Trees have a memory and they remember everything


The universe is a story about time and life together where time no longer exists, and life is only a myth perpetuated so as not to be afraid of emptiness


The history of white fundamentalists goes far deeper that the Islamist fundamentalist who only wants the whole world to abide to a stricter version of Islam


White and right-wing supremacists, white and left wing or Islamists, all fear no threat: they would go at any length to satisfy their convictions. Extreme violence is the key and dying for the cause is the ultimate sacrifice worth offering. Being dead is not the end: the sacrifice isn't in vain. They have saved the nation and will be offered a better place into Dark Matter: an unknown entity but the ultimate Heaven, life on Earth is hell. The others are hell


Dark Matter is the sum of everything that lived in the universe and may live again all stuck in layers of invisible masses. This is the land of spirits: the real ghost town with ghosts swarming amongst other ghosts.


Clips promoting the film and the film divided in 12 clicks made available throughout the year on With the project rating having received over 8M views in 2 months.

Phase 3

Each of the 140 images mining and signing retweeted throughout 2022, in two months having already created half a million moments, likes and retweets, from the AnotherClip Twitter account.

Phase 4

A book featuring all the 140 images with the meaning of the signs will be released in September 2022, worldwide.


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Published from Wilmington, Delaware, USA


Imprint of The Edge Press and DiaryUnlimited

ISSN 2767-1518

"Data One" (Data 1) by

Will be published in the fall by The Edge Press and DiaryUnlimited. ISBN: 978-1-7363620-7-5

The first edition will be available in French, German and Italian.