Feature film documentary Btas. Between Time and Space.2025.

Btas film poster

Btas. Between Time and Space, a documentary-feature, an experiment with time and the mind.

Duration: 400 minutes and a short version of 80 minutes.


It is an experiment based on the "E.S.T." process and therapy. "E.S.T." is an experiment where someone is locked inside a room in complete obscurity for a month or longer in order to cure any ailment.

Studio: EdgeImageBank Pictures

Release date: 2025.

Set in a warehouse in Nine Elms, London and SLV film studio in Battersea, London.

Due to the previous controversy surrounding the previous feature film: DM: Dark Matter that has not yet been settled and is the subject of a law suit, the next 2 films: Communication and the Israelites have been moved to 2025.

The primary distribution via festivals has been cancelled but we hope that Btas. Between Time and Space will be re-scheduled for festivals and theatres in 2025, that is if we still have some in the world in 2025. Meanwhile samples from each chapter will be made available on the official channels on YouTube and network them accordingly.

A separate presentation is being organised on AnotherClip.com for the video games: Devil's Life and Y++ finally completed and scheduled for 2024.

Filmed with infra-red cameras but in black and white or black our of white and in 4K. It cointains 40% of archive footage restored.


Between Time and Space (Btas) is an experiment based on the E.S.T. process and therapy. E.S.T. is an experiment where someone is locked inside a room in complete obscurity for a month or longer in order to cure any ailment.

In an experimentation, everyone is a number and all the characters; the victims and the patients are merely a data. This experimentation has happened, may not happen or has yet to happen. The action might have taken place 50 years ago, last year or in 5 years' time.

The premise of the E.S.T. (Est) experiment is: keeping someone in the dark for as long as it is possible -one month in theory-, filming and recording everything and subject the contestant to a series of interviews in order to define the person but also to treat this person from any possible mental problems.

There is no time limit: the experimentation can go on for as long as the number is still alive.

The film has 21 chapters: exhibits.

Actors and Characters

Old Nick ... Dr Kelvin.

Jonathan Cross ..II

John Waterhouse ... III

Janet Priest ... IV

Jane D'Arbanville ... V

Janet Priest ... VI


Written and Directed by Nick Peterson

Produced by Tom Norwood

Produced by James Hogan

Produced by Alex Altman

Produced by David Altman

Produced by Christine Peterson

Executive Producer: Nicolas Gaud

Edited by Thomas Black

Animation Aloysha Black

Executive Producers: Nicolas Mamin

Music by Virtual Alien and Old Nick

Songs: In and Out of Planet Eath and Mouth Dance published by Mnemonics Music America and Rumblefish..