Feature film-game: With a Mouse (to your mouth)

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With a Mouse (to your mouth) .

Duration: Full 120 minutes. Other versions at 60 and 70 minutes.

UPC: 815651021638

Two friends are spending a week, day/night crossing London inside a black cab and reading a science fiction book. In the story their imagination is so powerful that they are able to become the characters from the book and re-create new and better realities around them in 3D and in blue.


1. In 1988, the main song With a Mouse (to your mouth) was a B side of a single. It was later added on the 1992 King of the World album.

2. The story contains 128 different characters all referred to or performed by one actor with different voice-overs. Characters: Paul, John, Sir Y, Lady Y, Master Virus, Master Virus 2, Master Virus 3, Junior Virus 2 a, Junior Virus 2 b, Junior Virus 3 a, Cohorts of viruses 1: K-1, K-2, K-3, K-4, K-5, K-6, K-7, K-8, K-9. Cohorts of viruses 2: P-1, P-2, P-3, P-4, P-5, P-6, P-7, P-8, P-9. Cohorts of Super Amoebas: A-1 to A-100.

3. It's the project that has been conceived back in 1997. Early 3D experimentation started in 1999 but the final edit of the film has only been completed in 2010.

4. Still imagery for the film started in 1997 and the main photography in 2007 but its completion was further delayed amidst other of Nick Peterson's projects.

5. Snapshots from the film have been leaked on the web but its first release is planned for 2016.

6. There is a difference between 3D and real 3D. 3D doesn't require glasses but real 3D does.

7. The film unusually bears the year mark of 1997 but the film only started production 10 years later. The film release date is the final date. The film project was conceived in 1997 with the first few 3D drawings. It was presented to the BBC and at the time some people really embraced the project. When it was time to start production, the BBC pulled out. Since then they had also withdrawn any support for Nick Peterson's film "Burning from the Inside" after 6 years of production just because they have never realized that the film was in black and white. The director made the point of highlighting the fact that he will always complete his projects even if the project is a mere concept and in spite of spurious and expensive let downs.

8. Back in 1997 the film won UK lottery funding and all the 2 M borrowed to make the films was set to be refunded. All of a sudden, we received a letter from the film body stated that "we have spent the money for the year but we welcomed to re-apply next year". Next year? Fill in another 200 plus form, re-audit the film not knowing if we woul win again? These people from the Film Council then moved to the Bfi: same methodology. So many got their careers destroyed by bankrupcy. We moved on, survived, manged to complete the film and released it 20 years later.

9. Twenty years later in 2017 it was high time to release this film: back in 1997 the powers that be refused to release the film and after that it never seemed like the right time.

10. The film has been divided into 10 chapters and released as 10 separate singles and one audio book soundtrack album on Vinyl, CD and download.

11. Someone announced that " Nick Peterson filmed his own blood, sperm and saliva under the microscope for the production of this film and for over a week until he decided that germs don't make very good actors and didn't use the footage throughout the film only when it was really necessary". Some of the details were not necessary. I was available and I happened to cut myself and I had some blood to use for the microscope and other ingredients are available as part of the functioning of the human body. Not the kind of Art that I would easily replicate.

12. In his first feature film Nick Peterson created a transgender character and a mouse as that for the leading role.

13. Some of the screenplay: ": Master Virus: [Chapter 2: MULTIPLY ZONE B] 1. Upwards inside the brain. The muscles of the brain are the busiest in the whole body. They need. They want. They demand.

Master Virus: 2. Left side of the brain: very arty the little grey cells; nothing to report.

Master Virus: 3. Right side: a right mess. A right dump. This is the thought process; desperately seeking to express a point of view. I must paralyze the beggar. It should really be made illegal to think.

Master Virus: 4. Centre-stage; the nerve center directing the whole body. Lazy, dirty. Desperate. Addicted. Always ready for the wrong move.

Master Virus: 5. Rear-end. Trying too hard to be clever. The best place on this side of the world to lay down a few eggs.

Master Virus: 6. Exit the brain. Corridor South. Must paralyze that blood tube all the way to the nervous system. It stinks in here. It's like inside an animal rendering farm.

Master Virus: 7. Down. East End. Corrosion. Rotten pipes. Fat: lots of it. No need to infect. Already collapsing by itself. Self-destruction more like it.

Master Virus: 8. As I glide scantily on the corridor to the Southern hemisphere, I'm bumping into other germs. Not one of the species I have been acquainted with before. "

" Narrator: The mouth is the ultimate frontier between the inside of a creature and the rest of the universe. It is the border control. There is a long process before reaching the heart of the body. X aims to re-produce itself into the heart of the body just like a little mouse. When inside the body, X the germ can see, feel and breathe exactly what the creature's body sees, feels and breathes. It's often thrown out randomly. To be a germ is the ultimate fulfilment like multiple orgasms. A germ can dictate and control a whole body and there is very little anyone can do."

Studio: EdgeImageBank Pictures

Release date: 1997.

Set in London inside a black cab.

In 2017. 20 years later as a music album, 10 singles with their corresponding music clips (the film divided in 10 chapters).


Actors and Characters

Stuart Timings

Old Nick ..II

John Waterhouse ... III

Janet Priest ... IV

Jane D'Arbanville ... V


Written and Directed by Nick Peterson

Produced by Tom Norwood

Produced by James Hogan

Produced by Alex Altman

Produced by David Altman

Produced by Christine Peterson

Executive Producer: Nicolas Gaud

Edited by Thomas Black

Animation Aloysha Black

Executive Producers: Nicolas Mamin

Music by Virtual Alien and Old Nick

Songs: With a Mouse (to your mouth) album was published by Mnemonics Music America and Rumblefish..


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With a Mouse (To Your Mouth). Album Soundtrack from the feature film: 815651020105

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Also released in digital singles:

Chapter 1. Enter
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Chapter 2. Brain Control

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Chapter 3. Multiply

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Chapter 4. Conflict

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Chapter 5. Attack from the Outside
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Chapter 6. War
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Chapter 7. Heart Control
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Chapter 8. Orgasm
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Chapter 9. Other Germs
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Chapter 10. Leaving
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