Feature film / documentary: The Way You Make Me Feel

The Way You Make Me Feel .
UPC: 815651022307.
Release date: 2018.
Duration: 110 minutes


The The Way You Make Me Feel is a feature film portrait of two powerful figures in London and Britain: Lord Stevenson and Professor Malcolm Carruthers. Powerful for what they represent and their life story and powerful for some of the most controversial and contemporary issues: mental health, cosmetic surgery and the use of testosterone.

Studio: EdgeImageBank Pictures


1. A portrait and interview of Lord Stevenson who back in 2008 at the onset of the world financial crisis was chairman of HBOS, the banking corporation in the UK.


2. An interview with a world leader in cosmetic surgery who was an advisor to the British government, advising the use of testosterone to strengthen the body and in the immune system and live longer.

3. An interview with Lord Dennis Stevenson who was until 2016 an advisor to the British government on the subject of mental health.

Actors and Characters

Lord Dennis Stevenson

Malcolm Currethers


Written and Directed by Nick Peterson

Produced by Tom Norwood

Produced by James Hogan

Produced by Alex Altman

Produced by David Altman

Produced by Christine Peterson

Executive Producer: Nicolas Gaud

Edited by Thomas Black

Animation Aloysha Black

Executive Producers: Nicolas Mamin

Music by Virtual Alien and Old Nick

Published by Mnemonics Music America and Rumblefish.




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